Für alle, die so krass wie ich auf House/Trance abgehen.. hier mal ne neue Liste aller Songs, die ich 2006 so recht gut fand.. have fun (gonna add hh/rnb list later on.. maybe rock too)


Max’s best House/Trance List 2006

Armand Van Helden: Funk Phenomenon
Armand Van Helden: My My My
Arnold Palmer Vs Moti Special: Cold Days Hot Nights
Axwell: Feel The Vibe
Beatfreaks: Somebody's Watching Me
Beatshifters: More Than A Feeling (Club Mix)
Benny Benassi: Illusion
Bob Marley Vs. Funkstar Deluxe: The Sun Is Shining
Bob Sinclar: Rock This Party
C-Bool: In My Heart
Cabin Crew: Star To Fall
Chanel: It's My Life (fonzerelli remix)
Chanel: It's My Life (haji & emanuel remix)
Daft Punk: Technologic
Daft Punk: One More Time

David Guetta Vs The Egg: Love Dont Let Me Go
[David Guetta Vs The Egg: Love Dont Walking Away (Joachim Garraud Personnal Bootleg)]
Daniel Hope feat. Paul King: Love And Pride 2005 (Radio Edit)
Disco Boys feat. Johnny Logan: Ghost Town
Disco Boys: B-B-B-Baby
Disco Boys: Make Your Move
Eric Prydz Feat. Roxette: Fading Like A Flower (2005 White Label Mix)
Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams

Fedde Le Grand: Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit
Filterfunk: Sos - Message In The Bottle (Hi Tack Remix)
Freeloaders feat. The Real Thing: So Much Love To Give
Funkstar Deluxe: Blinded By The Light (Radio Edit)
Gala: Freed From Desire (AK Project Remix)
Hi Tack: Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U)
Lexy & K Paul: Love Me Babe
Magnolia: Its All Vain
Mason: Exceeder
Massive Attack: Teardrop
Michael Gray: The Weekend
Modjo: Lady

Moonbootica: June
Moonbootica: Pretty Little Angel
Nightcrawlers: Push The Feeling On
Nightcrawlers: Push The Feeling On 2004 (Rosabel Club Anthem Club Mix)
Olav Basoski: Waterman
Rave Allstars: Hardcore Vibes
Ratpack Vs Nicky Blackmarket: Sweet Harmony
Roger Sanchez: Another Chance
Room 5: Make Luv
Shapeshifters: Lola's Theme (Eric Prydz remix)
Steven King: Bounce (Single Edit)
Sunloverz: Shine On
Supermode: Tell Me Why
Switch: A Bit Patchy
The Similou: All This Love
The Source ft. Candy Staton: You've Got The Love
Tiga: You Gonna Want Me (12 Inch Dance Mix)
Tyken feat.
Awa: Every Word
Outro -> Enigma: Return To Innocence

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